My Bus Parts

I actually founded MyBusParts along Patrick and Alexander to become "the" address for your legendary "Bulli" building an online shop and the entire operations behind it.


I co-founded MyBusParts in 2018 with two Co-Founders - Alex and Patrick. We actually took over a business from THE most iconic person in the VW Bus area: Bernd Jäger.

I knew him from our shared passion - Rally Raid, and as he shared his retirement plans it was just the right decision moving his company into the next chapter: Online Business.

Living in a world trying to improve sustainability I liked the approach of keeping cars alive which were built around the 90’s and are still used on a daily basis. Also making them future save by using newest technologies is a great achievement.

Organizing such a company transfer sounded easier than it was, especially if you can’t really count on an established ERP infrastructure or warehouse management.

We started by actually moving all parts from Excel and paper to Shopware and Pickware as the selected ERP. Transforming from a pretty manual business relying on a dedicated overhead to a optimized business reducing overhead count was only one part of the transformation.

Next to adding 5.000 unique and very technical products to the ERP selecting and leading a content team and building the Shopware shop it was the Project Management keeping us busy by consulting on HR, business development, growth strategies, SEA, SEO and CRM.

For Patrick as the actual CEO we supported as team extension on all digital topics.

Was war das Ziel Ihrer Zusammenarbeit? Wir arbeiten ständig an Verbessrungen zum Thema SEO und SEA Optimierung.

Was hat Ihnen während Ihrer Zusammenarbeit am meisten Spaß gemacht? Die sehr professionelle Herangehensweise.

Alexander Tasch, CFO bei My Bus Parts Bernd Jäger GmbH

What we've done

  1. Project Management: For entire company transfer and all areas associated with.
  2. Shopware 5: Development and management of all internal and external stakeholders.
  3. SEA: Launch of the SEA channel.
  4. CRM: Implementation of Sendinblue.
  5. Growth Marketing: Ongoing consultation in different business areas.

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