Organic growth is the primary objective of all digital marketing efforts and only achieved by those who really understand their audience – and set realistic, measurable goals.

Hi, I'm Stephan.

I’m a Germany-based SEO consultant, search strategist, digital marketing expert and the founder of Boost IT. I'm a strategic thinker, but I don’t overthink. After all, a smart testing approach to a digital product will always reveal the truth. I offer hands-on expertise in the areas of growth marketing, performance marketing, team building, user experience and CRM. I get my kicks out of large projects with complicated structures, and I love being faster than the competition. My true passion was sparked during my time at Rocket Internet: Adding my knowhow to the development of digital products from scratch – which is why I founded Boost IT in the first place.

My growing team currently consists of three senior SEA manager, two SEO consultants, one full stack developer and a awesome asset of Freelance experts. Good to know: Our curated freelancer network gives us access to additional specialist talent – ranging from copywriters to art directors and more – allowing us to tailor our service to any of our clients’ needs.

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