Mc Makler

McMakler reached out to consolidate rankings of their magazine and to structure McCompass.


McMakler is a german proptech founded by Felix Jahn, Lukas Pieczonka & Hanno Heintzenberg specialized in real estate evaluations.

The project started with a request of a SEO health check and actually ended up by launching a (surprisingly) stunning tool to a) get estimated real estate prices in your neighborhood and b) a great content marketing project.

We supported the Marketing team by structuring their SEO efforts as many topics were cannibalizing each other. After a keyword- and market research dedicated content clusters were transformed to their magazine categories and many short-format articles were redirected to holistic in-depth magazine articles.

Next to that the team prepared a great collection of real estate data trying to introduce “McCompass” - a tool you can get real estate estimates in the entire german market.

We helped developing the tool from a SEO perspective avoiding two major problems:


  • Creating and visualizing real estate prices for actually every street or area in Germany would have lead to a huge set of internal links which may would never ever even reached by a user (or bot) as it’s just a uncommon search query.
  • Making sure to focus on the top cities, areas, places probably saved a lot of crawling budget and internal resources to make it happen.


  • As this project was kind of “accidentally” discovered we helped giving a true purpose and not only looking from a technical perspective but also from a content marketing perspective to cover and establish more rankings with it.

What we've done

  1. Market- and Keyword research: To achieve a great magazine within the real estate market.
  2. Technical Health Check: To avoid any technical problems.
  3. Team onboarding and workshops: To transform SEO knowledge to the internal team.
  4. Helped launching McCompass.
  5. Content Creation

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