R&S Schuhe GmbH & Co.KG is a family business, actually my family business and we helped growing it from traditional store-front sales to 10 Million € in online revenue.


R&S Schuhe GmbH & Co.KG is a shoe retailer born in 1991. Supporting a family business (my families family business) is very different to actually consult a high growing startup or scale up as every step is pretty well thought…even more than usual.

After launching already 3 shops on Shopware 5.6 elbandi.de, rieker-onlineshop.de and remonte-onlineshop.de it was time to move again: to Shopware 6.

In 2021 a whole new Shopware 6 store was born and customized building actually everything in-house: UX, UI, Backend and integrations to ERP and PIM.

Next to the actual shop environment we’ve done quite some things since we started together in 2017. For example we entered the Multichannel world by connecting the ERP to Tradebyte. Currently we run 18 different marketplace integrations such as Zalando, Otto or Amazon reaching 10 million in revenue in 2021.

We also set up Emarsys as CRM and Marketing Automation tool. Next to these core features Emarsys was used to also power dynamic listing pages based on the actual user behavior.

With Emarsys R&S Schuhe grew a customer base of > 1 Mio customers sharing Newsletter to roughly 170.000 active customers with an actual valid DOI.

Our natural habitat - SEO & SEA was also part of the job for sure. Hiring a very small in-house team to boost SEA for several brands, shopping and PMax while maintaining very limited CPO targets and tROAS wasn’t easy in such a competitive environment like shoe retail.

Surprisingly well went the SEO performance for the domain elbandi since there are many Top 3 rankings in the shoe cleaning area and also many Top 10 rankings for brand+category combinations, such as “Rieker Schuhe” or “Tamaris Sneaker”, which are major brands in the german market.

Next to all these product management and marketing topics I owned the position of the COO heading the company from classic brick and mortar storefront business to a multichannel online business competing in a highly competitive market.

What we've done

  1. Shopware 6: Launching a Shopware 6 store with dedicated integrations to ERP, PIM, CRM.
  2. SEO & SEA: Driving sales while maintaining a profitable margin.
  3. Emarsys: Integrating Emarsys as CRM & Marketing Automation and actually using it to really drive marketing automation as a separate and very valuable sales channel.
  4. Tradebyte: Integrating Tradebyte TB.One and several marketplaces while actually maintaining it as well.
  5. Project Management: Any aspect of the digital business unit was managed.

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