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The Heat asked for our input to help building from scratch and since then we're enjoying a great relationship working on #NextLevelRoofs and a true sustainable future.


Autarq is a german climate tech company providing a innovative solar roof tile. This system will transform any roof into an attractive solar power plant. The company just won the German Design Award and actually just started.

We just love the project not only because of the Autarq team and the people we’re working with but because of the actual approach to change something. Boosting sustainability in such a stylish way is exactly what we like.

We teamed up on request from Rui Gorgulho and Markus Dudek from "The Heat", to help building a marketing strategy and executing it. The Heat made sure to deliver an excellent brand experience designing any aspect of a sustainable and high impact company while adding our thoughts from scratch.

We had the honor adding our expertise in market and keyword research, defining the website containing a digital magazine section and making sure to track everything well.

Especially the configurator flow got some extra attention but the tagging was worth it, to optimise UX and analyze user behavior in detail.

After a proper tracking setup has been implemented we started SEA and SEO and are just about to help Autarq growing.

Was war das Ziel Ihrer Zusammenarbeit? Die kombinierte SEO & SEA Optimierung und der damit einhergehende maximal effiziente Budgeteinsatz.

Was hat Ihnen während Ihrer Zusammenarbeit am meisten Spaß gemacht? Die Kommunikation, der Erhalt passgenauer Impulse und die hoch professionelle Umsetzung.

Kai Buntrock, CEO Autarq GmbH

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery: User journeys, communication and marketing strategy to understand how to become a category leader within the solar roof tile industry.

2. Content Marketing: Keyword & market research for a dedicated editorial strategy together with an excellent team of copy writers and a outstanding editorial lead to launch 60 holistic magazine articles from the start. 

3. Technical SEO: Definition of site architecture and concept during the development.

4. Tracking & data: Making data visible and tracking a individual configurator funnel.

5. Launching SEA & SEO as part of the Autarq Always-on approach

6. Consulting: Getting the most out of every detail with a hands-on team. The Heat established a great ecosystem of individuals working on the project.

We've got work to do

‍Since the actual website was just launched in December 2022 we’re know discovering many great learnings to understand user behavior, optimize SEA campaigns and just get the first organic results indexed.

We continue growing the magazine area and focus on clear KPIs to help building the #NextLevelRoof

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